4-8-4 Northern Steam Cab Controls

There are a lot of controls in any steam locomotive and at first it can be quite bewildering. However, being a simulation and not the real
thing, most of the controls don't do anything! The trick is to learn which ones work and which ones are important. This is the G-TraX
GN Northern cab. Below the figure is an explanation of what the various components are for.

User-Operable Controls
Items in parentheses are the associated RailWorks keyboard commands

  A   Throttle (A / D)
  B   Reverser (W / S)
  C   Train brake (; / ')
  D   Locomotive brake ([ / ])
  E   Whistle (Space)
  F   Bell (B)
  G   Sander (X)
  H   Cylinder cocks (C)
  J   Fuel valve (R)
  K   Blower (N)
  L   Feed water pump (L)
  M   Injector water (at floor next to seat)(K)
  N   Injector steam (I)
  P   Headlights (H)
  R   Damper (M)

Display Devices
Items marked * are non-functional

  1   Main steam pressure
  2   Steam chest pressure
  3   Brake pressure (2 gauges, 4 indicators)
  4   Speedometer
  5   Water tank level*
  6   Atomizer pressure*
  7   Feed water pump pressure*
  8   Steam heat pressure*
  9   Boiler water level (2 each)